Our Philosophy

A tailored approach to value creation

The principals of Triton Pacific believe there are attractive opportunities for equity investments in small and mid-size companies. We believe that many of these entrepreneurial companies become challenged in achieving the next stage of success. Often, this is caused by a need for additional expertise or a lack of capital to support growth initiatives.

The principals of Triton Pacific, with their years of industry specific operating expertise can help companies achieve the next level of success by bringing capital coupled with a wealth of strategic, operating and financial expertise. 

  • Access to important customers, channel partners, suppliers and technology partners
  • Access to our network of industry experts, operating executives and service providers
  • Guidance on best practices
  • Access to debt markets

We are business builders, not asset managers.

We selectively buy control in several entrepreneurial companies each year and do so only when we see tremendous potential to build an industry-leading business. It takes time and dedication to build great companies, not just capital. 

Hands on commitment to investments.

We spend significant time with each company in our portfolio, working from day one to put in place a strategy for accelerated growth. We utilize our proven Value Enhancement ProgramTM to guide overall strategic decisions towards long term value creation for all stakeholders.

Partnership not just ownership.

We partner with passionate management teams who are the architects of unique business models and that bring a track record of success. Many companies are poised for rapid growth and expansion, but require additional resources, insights, and experience necessary to flourish. Collaboration is the key ingredient to reaching our collective objectives.