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Risk Factors: Some of the more significant risks include the following: the market for attractive investment opportunities is highly competitive; there is no public trading market for the Shares, and it is unlikely that one will develop; there are significant restrictions on the transferability of Shares; investments in small to mid-size companies have particular and unique risks; Tasty will be exposed to the dynamics and risks that typically exist between franchisors and franchisees; portfolio companies may have substantial indebtedness; we may not be able to implement the strategies that we intend to pursue or attain the returns we anticipate; Triton Pacific’s past experience may not be sufficient to successfully manage Tasty and its investments; this is a “blind pool” offering and you will not have the opportunity to evaluate any portfolio company investments before you invest; Tasty will pay the General Partner, Triton Pacific and other affiliates substantial fees, including incentive fees, which may encourage the General Partner and its affiliates to take actions adverse to the interest of Tasty; Tasty will participate in a limited number of investments and the returns of Tasty will be more vulnerable to the unfavorable performance of any one investment than would be the case with a greater level of diversification.