Healthcare Services Group Investment Philosophy

The principals of TPCP believe there are rising numbers of opportunities for equity investments in small and mid-size companies, many of which often fall outside of the transaction parameters of larger investment firms. These entrepreneurial companies have realized an initial burst of success, but often are challenged in transitioning to the next stage of their growth cycle.

The principals of TPCP can assist a middle market company in achieving the next level of success by bringing not only capital, but also a wealth of strategic, financial and operating expertise. Our experience, industry knowledge and relationships can be leveraged by portfolio companies and their management teams to obtain:

  • Access to important healthcare customers, distributors, manufacturers and vendors
  • Guidance on efficient operating practices
  • Access to institutional lenders

TPCP believes our investment objectives are best accomplished when management and employees participate in value creation. Hence, we form partnerships with proven management teams and ensure that they have substantial performance-based incentives and significant or meaningful ownership.

TPCP is also interested in identifying and partnering with exceptional executives who possess a demonstrated track record of leadership and value creation. TPCP will work with qualified executives to create an investment thesis, and then assist them in finding a company to capitalize on that vision.